Where To Buy Bitcoins

Best Places to Buy Bitcoins


where to buy bitcoinsWondering where to buy Bitcoins but not sure where to start? You’re in the right place!

First of all there are several types of Bitcoin sellers – from exchanges to direct sellers to other people to ATMs.

Which is right for you depends on your preferences, privacy needs, budget and goals.

This page will review where to buy Bitcoins as well as some of the most popular, trusted places to buy. So let’s get started!



Where To Buy Bitcoins – 4 Options


This site is all about keeping it simple. So let’s break down the 4 main places to buy Bitcoins with examples and links to each.


#1 Bitcoin Sellers


These are basically your straight direct-to-customer sellers. They don’t offer exchange-based trading, fancy margin accounts, charts, graphs or even escrow services.

where to buy bitcoin

Basically you sign up, get verified (sometimes), fund your account via bank wire, Interac e-transfer, Visa or whichever payment method the seller takes. Then you buy (and withdraw it to your wallet).

Transaction done. Straight, simple. Easy. If you’re new to buying Bitcoin, this is the recommended way to buy – at least until you get comfortable with the cryptocurrency world.


where to buy bitcoinsPros:

Very easy for beginners to purchase

Fast Delivery – usually in your wallet within minutes

You can usually buy from small to larger amounts

Lots of options to fund your account like bank transfers, interac e-transfers and Visa

Depending on how much you buy, you may not need to get verified



Slightly higher prices than exchanges.

Stick with trusted sellers with a good reputation – avoid small sellers as you could get scammed.



Popular Bitcoin Sellers:


Coinmamawhere to buy bitcoin

Coinmama has one of the highest limits for buying Bitcoins with a credit or debit card – which makes it very popular. Coinmama sells Bitcoin to almost every country in both US dollars and Euros.

If you’re buying under $150 you don’t need to verify your identity.

However if you do want to go up to the next level (and increase your buying limits), their verification system is easy to do from home and (unlike a lot of other places these days), they approve you very quickly.

They also have one of the easiest websites to use. And their customer service s excellent, should you have questions. Both of these things make Coinmama great for new buyers looking to feel safe with their first purchase.


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Coinbase  buy bitcoin online with coinbase

This is one of the largest, most well known Bitcoin sellers online. They sell to people all over the world. They sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

In most countries, you can buy with your Credit Card – making it a popular option, although limits are very small and the verification process can take a while.

You can also link your bank account and buy through that in the US if you want to buy higher amounts.

Coinbase also offers you an online wallet to store your BTC.

On the downside, they do tend to run into issues with orders not going through when volume is high. And customer service is pretty much non-existent here – which can be frustrating for new buyers. Still, they have great prices so for many people it’s worth a try.

Bonus Tip:  If you use the link below to open an account and buy over $100, you’ll get a free $10 bonus.


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where to buy bitcoin



#2 Bitcoin Exchanges


These are places where you can buy Bitcoin and also trade Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies like Ether, Zcash, Ripple and Dash.

You can often buy Bitcoins directly from the exchange (at market price). Or you can enter your limit order below the market price and hope that the price dips enough that your order is filled.


where to buy bitcoin - exchange



At any one time you can usually see a list of sellers and what they’re willing to sell for with a list of buyers with what they’re willing to pay.

On the plus side, exchanges tend to have the lowest prices you’ll find – so you can get more for your money. They also tend to be the most liquid (meaning they’ll be able to fulfill large orders without a problem.)

For this reason however, they can also be more attractive to hackers. Examples of exchanges that were hacked include Mt Gox and Bitstamp. So be careful and never leave your coins on the exchange – always withdraw them to your wallet after buying.



where to buy bitcoinsPrices tend to be lower than direct sellers

Great way to diversify into other cryptocurrencies

You can see more information about the market including charts, trend lines, order, etc.

Better at fulfilling large orders




More attractive to hackers

Extra-long, more extensive verification process than direct sellers

Websites can be a little more complex than direct sellers



Popular Bitcoin Exchanges:



where to buy bitcoinsThis is one of the oldest and most trusted Bitcoin exchanges in the world, starting in London in 2013. They sell all over the world in US, EU, RUB and GBP.

You can buy Bitcoin with Visa, bank transfer or SEPA transfer in Europe.

You can buy up to $300 a day without being verified with your Visa or Mastercard.

And you can buy using your Visa or MasterCard from pretty much any country (although the payment will be in US, Euro, GBP or RUB – whichever currency you select).

If you want to get anything above that – or pay with a bank transfer, you’ll have to go to the next level and get verified. But it’s a simple process and from there you can go up to $100,000 monthly limit.

What I like about CEX is that their interface is one of the easiest to use – compared to other exchanges.  And their prices tend to be quite a bit lower than direct sellers.


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This is one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges by volume in Europe. They also offer trading in Canadian dollars, US dollars, British pounds and Japanese yen.

Kraken has some pretty decent prices on BTC and they’re also seen as extremely secure.

You can also trade in other alt coins like Ether, Monero, Dash, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Zcash and more.

One of the main drawbacks of Kraken is that they take a very long time to verify you for trading. And you basically can’t do anything until you’re verified. (No buying small amounts).

And they only offer payments by bank wire transfer in the US and Canada, no Visa, e-transfers etc.  In Europe you can fund your account with a SEPA bank deposit or a wire transfer. So payment options are very limited.


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#3 Bitcoin Match Services


If you’re wondering where to buy Bitcoins locally, these services may be the answer. They’re like the Match.com of the Bitcoin world. They don’t sell you BTC directly. But they match people looking to buy with those looking to sell.

where to buy bitcoins

Sometimes these people are in the same area (and can meet face to face). Sometimes they’re not close in location but you can buy with interac e-transfers, cash deposits to sellers bank accounts etc.

This is a bit more involved than just buying from a direct seller with your Visa. Still, some people really like it as they can often find sellers willing to take more flexible payment options (like paypal or payoneer).


where to buy bitcoinsPros:

Flexible payment options like Paypal, Cash, etc

Prices can be excellent and lower than direct sellers

Can see other sellers ratings and history before you buy

More flexibility and (sometimes) less of a verification process




Some services can attract con artists – so be careful and only choose a seller with an excellent reputation

Some sellers do require verification




Popular Match Services:


where to buy bitcoins locallyLocal Bitcoins

If you want Bitcoins fast and (sometimes) cheap, this site is worth checking out.

You can easily search through various sellers near you based on the price they’re offering and what methods of payment they take (mainly cash deposits, interact e-transfers, payoneer, etc.) You can even find a few people willing to take Payal for Bitcoin.

This is kind of like the ebay of Bitcoins in that you can see how many successful transactions the seller has had, their feedback score and even how many people have them on their “trusted” list.

On the downside, there have been a few reports of fraudulent sellers and buyers – so just like eBay you need to be careful.


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buy bitcoin with cashBitquick

If you’re looking for a safe, easy, fast way to buy Bitcoins today with cash, you’ll like Bitquick – which sells mainly in the US market.

They make it easy to buy BTC in 3 easy steps.

You simply choose the seller and the offer that you want from their website, then visit a bank to make a cash deposit into the seller’s account.

You then upload the deposit receipt to the link that is provided in your email. And within a few hours you will have your BTC.

They state that you will have your bitcoins in 3 hours or less. However most people report that they have them in their wallet within minutes to an hour.

We also found that the customer service on this site was excellent.  This is also a plus especially for newbies who may want the extra safety net of having someone there if they have questions.


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where to buy bitcoins



#4 Bitcoin ATMs


where to buy bitcoin atmThis is one of the easiest ways to buy bitcoins and get them delivered to your wallet in minutes.

Many people also like the privacy as they can buy thousands of dollars of BTC without having to go through a verification process.

There are some huge downsides however that you pay for this convenience.

First of all Bitcoin ATMS charge outrageous fees – usually around 15 – 20% on top of the current price – which is highway robbery. This is basically just throwing your money down the drain.

Second of all, they’re not always reliable. If you do use an ATM, start with a small purchase (like $20) first to make sure it goes to your wallet.

And always take a picture of the final screen with your transaction record on it. If the BTC doesn’t show up in your wallet, you’re going to have to contact the ATM company to try to get your Bitcoin. For more on buying at an ATM visit Should You Use a Bitcoin ATM?

You can find a Bitcoin ATM near you at www.coinatmradar.com


where to buy bitcoins


So if you’re wondering where to buy Bitcoins, those are 4 of your best options with the pros and cons of each. Want more?  Here are some other Bitcoin Sellers below with brief reviews of each including some UK and Canadian options.



Where to Buy Bitcoins – More Options:


buy bitcoin onlineQuadrigaCX

This is actually the largest and most trusted Canadian Bitcoin exchange – although you can trade and fund your account from anywhere including the US.

The interface is a bit easier to use than other exchanges and they offer some of the best prices in Canada for BTC.

You can also buy Ethereum direct with cash here as well.

They have a number of funding options including Interac online, Bank wires and drafts. The downside is that you will have to get verified before you can buy (the process is fairly standard however and they also have a quick verification through Equifax if you want to use that).

The best thing about Quadriga is that prices on BTC are usually hundreds less than many Canadian Bitcoin sellers. So if you’re looking to buy a lot of Bitcoin in Canada this is one of your best options.


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bitcoin exchange listBuySomeBitcoins

If you want to know where to buy Bitcoins with credit card or gift card in the US – with no ID required, BuySomeBitcoins is for you. They have a simple, easy-to-use website that is especially designed for beginners.

They also have an instant delivery guarantee and 24 hour customer service should you have any questions.

It’s simple to sign up – you just verify through your phone and you’re ready to buy with your Visa.

If you do take the step to get verified, you will get a lower price on your BTC. The verification process is also easier here than other places. You just send them a pic of your drivers license or credit card and you’re ready to go.

On the downside, the prices are slightly higher here than on some of the exchanges listed above. But for the simplicity of buying, low to no verification and getting your coins quickly, it might be worth it for some people.


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Cryptopay is a UK-based Bitcoin Seller with an interesting twist. They’re actually a Bitcoin seller, wallet and debit card provider all in one. It’s basically a Bitcoin banking – and that’s pretty exciting. You can do your day-to-day transactions in Bitcoin instead of Euros or US dollars if you choose.

Users across Europe can fund their account with a SEPA bank wire transfer.

You simply create an account, get verified and then fund your account with a wire transfer. Then you’re free to buy Bitcoins.

You can also get one of their Bitcoin debit cards. This is a  full blown VISA debit card you can top up instantly from your Cryptopay account. It can be used anywhere VISA is accepted. You can order a Euro, US Dollar or Pound debit card.

On the plus side this makes it super-easy to spend your Bitcoin for day to day purchases.

While Cryptopay ships their debit cards to most countries including Canada, China, South Korea, Australia and the UK, they do not ship to the US.


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where to buy bitcoinsPaxful

Paxful is another matching service that connects buyers and sellers online. If you’re wondering where to buy Bitcoins with Amazon or other gift cards, this may be the place for you.

You can also pay with cash deposit to the sellers account – both gift cards and cash deposits are anonymous ways to buy without requiring any ID. This is a great option if you’re looking to buy Bitcoin privately.

You can also pay with online debit, credit or even Paypal. However you will need to get verified if you want to do this and there are slightly higher fees for the convenience of buying Bitcoin with Paypal.

Overall, we love Paxful for the sheer number of options they offer. You can buy privately and anonymously with gift cards or cash deposits. You can buy bitcoin with Paypal or with online debit or credit cards.

There are over 300 different ways to pay for Bitcoin – and you can always get in touch with your seller via the Live Chat option.

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