Buy Bitcoins Without Verification


buy bitcoin without verificationWant to buy Bitcoins without verification?

Don’t feel comfortable uploading your ID and pictures to a nameless, faceless entity – all for the promise of buying Bitcoins?

Or maybe you don’t have time to wait for weeks or even months to get verified at a large exchange. You want to buy and take advantage of a price pullback now.

Never fear. This page is all about showing you trusted, reliable sellers where you can buy Bitcoins without verification.

You’ll find reviews and tips on each seller below. Note however that many to require that you at least have a phone number or email address. When we say no verification, we mean no ID or uploading pictures of yourself with your latest utility bill online.



Buy Bitcoins without Verification:



buy bitcoin without verficationPaxful

Paxful is one of the easiest ways to buy bitcoin without verification.

And it offers  over 300 different payment options as well – from gift cards to Visa to cash deposits into bank accounts. So you can basically find any payment option to suit your needs.

Paxful basically connects buyers with sellers online based on your desired payment method. And they have a lot of trusted, professional sellers.

While some sellers (depending on how much you want to spend and your payment method) will want to see verification, many sellers don’t need to see verification.

If you’re doing a cash deposit as payment into the sellers account for example you’re a lot more likely to find sellers who don’t need verification.

Paxful also has a handy online discussion tool so you can ask questions if you have any issues.


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where to buy bitcoins with credit cardLooking to buy Bitcoin with a credit card without a verification process or registration? If so then Indacoin is worth checking out.

Indacoin sells Bitcoin all over the world in Euros or US dollars. You can buy from anywhere in the world with your credit card and you can choose which currency (Euro or US) you want to be charged in.

Indacoin has some of the best limits for credit cards as well. The only downside is that you will have to start out slowly.

You have a $50 limit for the first transaction, $100 for the second transaction (available after 4 days of your initial purchase) and $500 after 7 days of the first buy.

The total limit for the first month will be $5000 and then no limits at all – which is excellent – especially considering there is no verification process.

You will receive a call on your phone from Indacoin the first time you buy with a 4 digit number to enter on your order page. But that’s about it. This is one of the easiest places to buy Bitcoin without verification.


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buy bitcoins with credit cardCEX is one of the oldest and largest Bitcoin exchanges in the world. You can buy both Bitcoin and Ethereum with your Credit Card.

You can buy up to $300 a day ($1000 a month) on your Credit Card with no verification.

If you want to buy more, you’ll need to go up a level and get verified.

While this isn’t a lot of BTC, the prices on CEX are better than other direct sellers. And the exchange is one of the largest and most liquid in the world.

So the safety factor is excellent. Also, the website makes it super-easy to buy and withdraw your coins.


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BuySomeBitcoinswhere to buy bitcoin with credit card

At BuySomeBitcoins you can buy Bitcoins with a credit card, debit card or gift card – with no ID or verification process. They have a simple, straightforward website that is super-easy to use and buy.

They also have an instant delivery guarantee and 24 hour customer service should you have any questions.

It’s simple to sign up – you just need to authenticate through your phone and you’re ready to buy.

(If you do take the step to get verified, you will get a lower price on your BTC. But if you don’t want to be verified, you don’t have to.)

On the downside, the prices are slightly higher here than on some of the exchanges. But for the simplicity of buying, low to no verification and getting your coins quickly, it might be worth it for some people.


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buy bitcoin without verificationLocal Bitcoins

Like Paxful, Local Bitcoins brings together buyers and sellers. And again, depending on your payment method, you may not need to be verified.

This all depends on the seller that you choose. They set the terms of the agreement.

What’s nice about Local Bitcoins is that you can do a specialized search for sellers that will sell to you with “No ID Required”. So you can immediately see who is offering  to sell Bitcoins with no ID verification needed on your part.

You can also do a search based on your chosen payment method – from cash to Paypal to Western Union or even Amazon Gift Card.

However it’s fair to note that you’ll have more sellers to choose from if you’re more willing to do payment methods like cash deposits into the sellers accounts (vs Paypal).


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buy bitcoins with credit cardCoinmama sells Bitcoins all over the world in US and Euro. They have one of the highest limits to buy Bitcoins with credit card.

You can buy up to $150 by credit card per day without verification.

If you want to buy more than this (up to $10,000), you can choose to go through their verification process (which is simpler and much easier than other seller verification processes – with only 1 form of ID).

That’s not a high limit granted. But if you want to buy small amounts of Bitcoin with a credit card and no verification for a decent price, they’re worth checking out.


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