Buy Bitcoin with Cash


buy bitcoin with cashWant to buy Bitcoin with cash? Buying with cash often has benefits like lower prices and faster service.

In fact when you buy with cash you can often get your Bitcoins the same day in a few hours at most.

Plus in some cases when you buy with cash, you also don’t have to go through a long verification process.

This page lists places where you can buy Bitcoin with cash. Most services that sell Bitcoins for cash require you to make a cash deposit into the sellers account at a bank branch. Some other services offer a cash-in-person transaction or a prepaid cash-voucher like Flexepin.

Here’s a list and brief review of the different Bitcoins sellers that take cash for Bitcoin:



Buy Bitcoin with Cash:



buy bitcoin with cashIf you’re looking for a safe, easy, fast way to buy Bitcoins today with cash, you’ll love Bitquick – which sells mainly in the US market.

They make it easy to buy BTC in 3 easy steps.

You simply choose the seller and the offer that you want from their website, then visit a bank to make a cash deposit into the seller’s account.

You then upload the deposit receipt to the link that is provided in your email. And within a few hours you will have your BTC.

They state that you will have your bitcoins in 3 hours or less. However most people report that they have them in their wallet within minutes to an hour.

We also found that the customer service on this site was excellent.  This is especially great for new buyers who may want the extra safety net of having someone there if they have questions.


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Local Bitcoins

buy bitcoin with cashLocal Bitcoins connects local Bitcoin buyers and sellers. Sellers often take several different types of payment and cash is one of them.

Although you can search for sellers that take cash by mail, this isn’t really recommended. A faster way to buy Bitcoin with cash is to search for sellers that take payment by cash deposit.

You’ll find lots of sellers who will sell you Bitcoins for a cash deposit into their bank account. You can search through different sellers to see their terms and select one that fits your needs.

Most of the time, cash payments do not require verification and you can get your Bitcoins within a few hours if not a few minutes. There are also pretty high limits for cash payments here as well.


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buy bitcoin with cashPaxful

Paxful connects Bitcoin sellers and buyers online and they have over 300 ways to pay for Bitcoin including cash in person and cash deposited to the sellers bank account.

You don’t need ID or even have a bank account. You just walk to the nearest branch, deposit into the sellers account and you can have Bitcoins in under 3 hours.

Other cash options you might find include MoneyGram, Western Union and online cash transfers.

Like Local Bitcoins, you can see the sellers terms, maximum limits and rate per Bitcoin. It’s very easy to use and there’s also a live chat feature should you have questions.


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Wall Of Coins

buy bitcon with cashWall of Coins is another service that matches cash buyers with cash sellers (in the US only). There’s no registration necessary and you can buy BTC with a minimum of $5.

The way it works is that you tell them how much you want to buy and they send you the nearest branch to visit with instructions.

You then make your cash deposit at the teller and reply back to the text message you received from Wall of Coins with the proper code to flat your deposit as finished. They then wait for the seller to confirm they received the cash deposit.

You will then have your Bitcoins within 15 minutes after the seller verifies the deposit.

It’s an easy and simple way to buy Bitcoin with cash. However there is not as much transparency here as with the other services above (they do more of the seller vetting than you do). Also the prices tend to be quite high here.


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buy bitcoin with cashYou can buy up to 250 Euros worth of BTC in cash vouchers (or debit or credit card) with no verification required – in just 10 minutes.

Bitit sells bitcoin to 50 different countries and takes prepaid cash vouchers like Neosurf, Cashlib and Flexepin. The upside is that they have an easy to use website with verification-free service.

The downside is that they only take credit and debit payments in the United States (no cash vouchers). But if you’re in Canada or almost all of Europe you can use buy prepaid cash vouchers like Neosurf or Flexepin and then buy directly from Bitit using the voucher PIN code. You’ll get your BTC fast without the ID process.

The rates are higher than some other cash services (about 8% on prepaid vouchers), but if you’re looking to use cash vouchers, they might be worth considering.


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